Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Christmas presents

    Oh joy. I hate buying Christmas presents, I can never figure out what to buy folks. Deciding what to knit as presents for folks isn't much easier. The big difference being buying rubbish and knitting rubbish is that with knitting its the thought that really counts. Spending 20 hours knitting something personal is a gift in its self.

  Last year I knitted 2* zig zag scarfs for two sisters and a pair of wrist warmers for my other sister while I knitted my mom a pair of mittens. I bought the kids presents but would like to knit stuff for them this year, although I might buy my niece a loom. She seems into stuff like that, she just got a sewing machine. Maybe I should buy her knitting needles, they would be cheaper but my gut says a loom.

 The double basket weave scarf I'm doing at the moment I was thinking for my nephew but have decided on doing him a watch cap. He's in the RAF cadets and has just been camping with them so I want to do a hat that's green on one side and camo on the other side. sort of like this. I think a variegated sock yarn and a green sock yarn will work great, warm but not overly hot. Not too bulky either. I think the scarf might go to my brother in law or maybe my dad. I really can't knit or buy for everyone, I've not enough ideas or cash.

  My youngest nephew I have no ideas yet what to do and may end up buying something for him. Then there are the little ones, I could knit fun hats for those two. Seen some funny monster or animal hats that might work. Having the time is the major issue as always.

  Sisters I'm not 100% sure on yet, thinking a tartan scarf for one and a newsboy cap for another. Maybe mittens for the third. Yes. Sometimes writing this stuff out helps a lot. That's my sisters gifts sorted, just have to buy yarn and knit now.

  My mom will be harder to knit for this year. I think she loves the bookmark I did for her mothers day present best. In the past I've knitted her a shawl, mittens and a sweater. I don't think I have the time for a big project but can't think of a good small project. Socks? Scarf? Hmm
maybe I could give the double basket weave scarf, it would match the jumper I did. Think it might be a little chunky for a women though, or is it??? A little help here would be much appreciated.

   I'll be coming back to this topic a lot over the next few months I think, especially around December when my head explodes in panic because I have to have 6 super fast things to knit because I left everything so late. Again!!!

Any simple gift ideas please chime in or email me, I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

* Only have pictures of one, can't find the other one.

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