Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Measure twice

Cut once...

  Started the Ipod sock for the second time because the first time I thought it was too small. I also messed up with a couple of pattern swatches mixing the length up with width, well I totally forgot about the width and thought everything was a square. 

    The sock Ipod thingy calls for worsted weight yarn so I'm using bigger needles and some old double knit I have. Its acrylic which I usually hate but this stuff is amazingly soft and a joy to knit with. I've knitted a baby blanket with it before, being grey isn't s great baby colour but I liked it. Not sure I have pictures but will look, they may be on disk or my old computer.

  I downloaded a demo of a motif knitting program last night to help me design my own Ipod sock. Theres just a slight problem in that I can't read knitting charts. Guess I need to add it to the list of things I need to learn.

 Its even warmer today, over 20c (70f) and last night was a little warmer too. I didn't have a bbq yesterday but will have one today. Got some chicken defrosting and will throw a couple of burgers on. Yum.

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