Thursday, 16 September 2010


    Trying to design another Ipad sock, for my other sisters birthday, using the crossed arrow cable in the round. Somethings telling me I need to change the front and back cables to do it in the round but I'm not sure. Think I'll only know once I start knitting. I haven't fully got my head around how cables work yet. I think I'll do a smaller version for my tobacco tin as a test.

  I was really hoping that the instruction booklet for the loom would arrive today, its getting a little late for the postman though now. If it comes tomorrow I will probably miss him as I'm out most of the day and will end up having to wait until Monday, grrrr.

  My phones been cut off since the 14th, they did some work next door and I think have killed my phone line. Finding an email or way to contact the company hasn't been straight forward at all. Been a real pain in the ass to be honest. Got a response from them today but only saying they have received my email so will probably be next week sometime until they get around to fixing it, more grrrrrs.

  On a more happy note, I'm breathing.

eta looking again at the rows for the crossed arrow cable I think its ok, I must of mixed up right and wrong sides when writing it out for in the round.

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