Thursday, 30 September 2010

Christmas updates, already.

   The dogs still doing well and I'm comfortably sleeping back in my own bed, yaaa. Been a nice sunny day so have got the washing out and have caught up on nearly all my chores, that is until they need doing again, and again, and again, and again!!!

   Spoke to one of my sisters before and she says she wants a scarf with pockets in it. This is the sister I was going to do the newsboy hat for. She also told me her son wants black fingerless mitts, I was going to knit him the two way hat. Oh well, at least I hadn't already started knitting anything and I guess it does make presents easier to sort out.

  I'm wondering if I could do the double basket weave scarf with pockets, hope so because I not looking forward to knitting a mainly plain scarf. Am going to have to start buying more yarn very soon now I have firms things that need to be knit. 

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