Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sunshine, Lamb BBQ.

    Got my washing on the line to dry, walked the dog without the need for coat and gloves. Its a wonderful day. 
   Just got some mince lamb and seeded buns. I'm going to make lamb burgers and have a BBQ. My mint hasn't done very well this year but there are a few leaves I can pick to add to the mix. Heck of a lot better than the dried stuff. Lamb,onion, bit of mint, drop of Worcestershire, season it and mix it up and squish it into patties(might need egg to bind and bread crumbs or crushed crackers). Easy peasy and so yummy. Lamb suits spicy stuff too so you can spice it up Moroccan style if you wish.

   Would like to write more and knit more but I'm going to take advantage of this lovely weather while it lasts and go play in the kitchen and garden.
Have a good day folks.

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