Monday, 20 September 2010

Slow weekend

   I didn't get much knitting done this weekend. Well apart from the backpack straps but with these I seem to be no further along. The straps are now 17" long and I think another 5 " should do it, I hope. If I just wanted to attach the straps to the backpack they'd probably be long enough as they are but because I'm using buckles to make them adjustable I need the straps to be longer.

  Its my other sisters birthday this week so I need to knit another Ipad sock cosy thingy. I'm thinking of doing crossed arrow cable or stag horn cable on the front and honeycomb cable on the back. I think I will have to make the front cables a little thinner, not sure yet. I'm not sure on which yarn to use either. I do really like using the cotton as it turns out very well defined. Plus cotton is really easy to care for and is ok to drop down the toilet.

    I've just ordered a mild for my homebrew. Not sure I've made mild before so should be interesting to test, drink. I need to order some more tops for spinning, I didn't win the ones I wanted at the weekend. I need more yarn too, I always need more yarn. I do have enough to start Christmas presents and once the Ipad sock cosy thingy is done I really should make a start on those, even if I don't have a full list of what to do yet.

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