Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Finished stuff.

   Finished the double basket weave scarf, weaved in the ends but haven't blocked it. I'm not sure it needs blocking but could probably do with a wash, at nearly 6 feet long its kinda been dragged around in the mud while being knitted. Kidding, but my floors can get filthy so I'll give it a wash and sort of block it. 
   I've got the batts. charging so will take some pictures tomorrow and will probably do a post on it on Saturday instead of the mittens post.

  The two Ipod socks I was knitting are basically
done, both need there ends weaving in and one needs sewing up at the bottom. I'm not 100% happy with my results so have set about making my own. Found a ok online java chart program that I've been playing with. I can't read charts and I'm knitting in the round so its sort of easy and sort of hard. I'm doing a cable up the front and basket weave for the back and I'm not sure about one row in the basket weave, I think the purl row after the first few rows should be a knit row but then again I could be wrong.

   I won the loom I bid on so will have some posts on my trying to learn how to use that, might be fun reading about me being tied up in knots with my hair ripped out. I've also bought a spindle for my spinning from thewhorlsend , its 21g and made of elm. The lady is a spinner so I know it will spin good. I might buy her raw fleece starter kit as well.

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