Tuesday, 14 September 2010



  I love this bluefaced Leicester fleece, not only is it super soft its also incredibly easy to draft. You can predraft it very fine and get on with spinning it with little drafting needed. I'm getting a pretty thin yarn though its still not all one width and theres a fair few slubs but that's probably more my fault than the yarns. I'm going to get more of the bluefaced Leicester and will be plying and dyeing it so I get get some knitting done with my own homespun yarn.

  The other yarns I have spun are a little too thick for plying I think. The last one I could maybe knit with as a single as it did turn out better than my first two attempts. Still a little thick and bumpy in places though. I might weave with it instead if I can ever figure out how to use the loom.

  I'm getting much better with my new spindle, only dropped it once yesterday and managed to catch it before it bounced. With this top I'm using its going really quick, think I could easily finish 50g in one sitting. I need to buy more tops as this is my last one.

  Think I've accidentally created a cabled bookmark. I'll search the internets and if no one else has it I'm claiming it as my own, heh. I'll take pictures soon and write up the pattern. Might put it on ravelry as well.

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