Wednesday, 22 September 2010

BBQ kniting

  The sun is shinning again today. It was meant to be raining from what the weather man said, guess that's like still believing in Father Christmas at 25 though. I could of gotten another load of washing done and on the line, I'm falling behind a little.
   I had my BBQ yesterday, the lamb burgers I made were pretty fatty, more like mutton than lamb. Still tasted good though. I might have another bbq today, with beef and maybe pork this time, yummy.

   I started the Ipad sock cosy thingy yesterday, a few times. I tried a couple of different yarns instead of the cotton but didn't like the way any of them were knitting so went back to the cotton. I don't think I was really in the mood to be honest. I've decided to do the basket weave again for the back instead of the honeycomb, really couldn't be bothered doing the honeycomb.

   I did come up with a couple of new ideas to try like combining the crossed cable with a single honeycomb cable, also thought about using different coloured yarns for the cables. Not sure if that's possible but will give it a go when I have time. I might knit a few of these Ipad sock cosy thingies and give my sisters a choice. They could pick which parts they liked best and I could reknit one for them if theres not a full one already knitted. The left over ones I could try and sell on ebay,the ones already being sold on ebay just look like the top of a sock. Mine with the cables are much more interesting.

   I got my bluefaced Leicester top today, I love the oatmeal colour. The online picture really didn't do it justice, looked like a boring light brown. Think I'll get more oatmeal and hopefully spin it good enough to be able to knit with. The white bluefaced I'm spinning at the moment is coming out much thinner but there are still the odd thicker parts too it, I am getting better though.

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