Friday, 3 September 2010

Ipod, Ipad, Idk

    Almost finished the Ipod sock thingy, I love quick knits. Not sure if I need to do an Ipod or Ipad sock though, I don't even know the difference.
   At this stage I'm not 100% happy with the way it looks, its the yarn not the pattern that's the problem. Oh and maybe my technique. Time is short, its her birthday this weekend but I'd like to do it again in a different yarn or maybe improvise a new pattern. We'll see what happens, might make an interesting post on Monday.
  One more thing on the pattern I used, there are two small mistakes on rows 33 and 39. Row 33 should be P8 not P9 and row 39 should be k1, P2, k2 and not k1,p2,k1. I've emailed her the corrections so they might be corrected by now.

  Been thinking about felting stuff since I found out about the dodgy sock yarn I have. Sill have 250g of the white left and 200g of the dark grey. Not great colours but I could always ruin, I mean dye the white. Or even leave it white and knit with both yarns. They might felt together nicely. Who knows?? Certainly not me.
   What to felt though I'm not sure. It would have to be something where size doesn't really matter. Don't fancy doing a scarf at the moment, think it would be boring because of the stitches I'd have to use. Its one thing to do double basket weave for 6 feet but don't want to do 6 or 7 feet of stocking stitch, yawn. Maybe I could use my fattest needles so it knits up quick. I need to read more on what sort of stitches felt best. No point knitting lovely cable patterns for them to go flat once felted.

  Working on the sock post for tomorrow, taking a bit longer than I thought but I'll do my best to get it posted. So pop on by tomorrow and see my first socks and if you have any helpful comments on felting let me know, thanks.

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