Friday, 10 September 2010


   These are my favorite things to knit. I absolutely positively love to knit Icords, I could happily knit a mile long Icord. There quick to knit and takes no thought process once you know how.

  Take two double point needles and cast on 3 stitches onto one of the dpn. Slide the stitches to the end so that the yarn is at the end not the beginning of the stitches. The yarn will go across the back of the stitches, knit the 3 stitches, give them a little tug and slide them along the dpn and knit them again. A good video showing what I mean.

  I learned
to do Icords from "Knitting without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmermann that a friend bought for me to help me get back into knitting after I went through a rut of not knitting for awhile. Its a great book and I love her no nonsense witty writing style.

  I didn't manage to take any pictures yesterday, I was too busy messing around with the loom. I have a long way to go. I think I've figured out how to put the weft on but I could be wrong. The weaving I did manage to do yesterday was definitely wrong. I'll get there, just don't think I'll be knitting a tartan scarf any time soon.

  I got my new drop spindle today. Its tiny. Really tiny. Makes me wonder how heavy the monster of a spindle I've been using is. I haven't used it yet but did give it a few spins with the string from the label and it spins great. Looks good too. I might start the blue faced top with it today if I don't get lost in the loom again. Oh, I need to take pictures of my stuff too.

  Almost finished the ipod sock, its off the needles just needs weaving in and the bottom sewing. I probably need to do a few more inches on the Icord for it then its all done. I love doing these little quick knit projects.

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