Friday, 17 September 2010

loom and gloom

   Well the postman did make it yesterday, at around 2.30pm, and delivered the loom instruction booklet. Had a quickish look and I get the jist of it but already had the jist of it anyway. I need to set aside an afternoon and work on it. Think I've put myself off the first day trying to figure it out without instructions, it got frustrating. I'll get there in the end.

  Got another email off the phone co. There sending someone out on Monday to have a look. If I'm not in they will charge £10, got me thinking can I charge them if they don't turn up. Think that would make us all rich. I hate the patronizing way they try to solve the problems, phone support or email support, treating us all like idiots. Is it plugged in????

  Bid on some mixed tops for more spinning, if I don't win I'll get some more bluefaced Leicester , I love spinning with this stuff. Think I have the hang of my new spindle, do have to keep an eye on it because it spins fast, slows down fast then spins the wrong way fast.

  Been doing a lot on the backpack straps, I really have but still don't seem to be getting much further along. Haven't started the other Ipad sock yet, might start it today, tomorrow or the weekend. Which ever I do have to keep at the straps before I go nuts.I really should start doing the socks I've had on the needles for a long time now. Been so long I've forgotten how to knit socks.

Pop back tomorrow for the double basket weave scarf with pictures.

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