Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Almost back to normal.

    I got to sleep in my own bed last night. The dog was pacing a little but I think this is my fault, think he's confused with me sleeping downstairs and upstairs and doesn't know why. He's not had any more fits and seems to be fine and he's back to eating as normal. I just hope it doesn't happen again or it does there very short and well spaced apart.

   I managed to do a little knitting yesterday on the Ipad sock cosy thingy and am thinking about making a flap for it. Stop kitting in the round and do the back, basket weave into the crossed arrow cable but when its folded over it will be upside down compared to the front. I figure if I can get the lengths right it will look good.

  Still need to catch up on some chores but got most done yesterday. Hope to get some spinning done today as well, maybe a little weaving too. I need to learn how to finish off a weaved project. I could do with more practise in starting too.

    Thanks for the kind emails.

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