Thursday, 23 September 2010


  Somethings been in the back garden that has really spooked my dog, never seen him this skittish before. He was even skittish when I first took him for his morning walk, but soon calmed down. He's still sniffing around out back but in a very worried way. I've no idea what it could be. He goes nuts over hedgehogs but not in a scared way, he'll run cats off without a care in the world right up to the point of a piece of metal he once pierced himself on. I can't see him getting worried over a fox and theres nothing else I can think of in the way of wild critters here.

  I'm just under half way with the Ipod, Ipad sock cosy thingy. My hearts not in it this time for some reason, just not in the mood. I've had to change the front pattern a little half way through so I can be sure of the right length.

  Think I'll have a play on the loom today, I've sort of got the hang of it though I haven't finished a piece yet so have no idea how that's done. Cast off, bind off, or what ever its called in weaving.

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