Thursday, 2 September 2010

Peace and quiet.

*sock post coming soon

Woke up this morning and it was so quiet and peaceful. Theres a calm stillness in the air that you can feel. Yaaaaa the kids are all back at school, just as the suns come out too.

   Got about half of the Ipod sock done but might do another one in a different yarn. The yarn I'm using isn't really showing the stitch detail and twists of the cables. I'd also like to put some detail in the middle, the original pattern uses buttons as decoration. I think they'd catch on stuff though, its a pretty slim line thing so why add buttons to fatten it up. Might be time for pen and paper and for me to learn to read charts.

  The cheap sock yarn I've been getting turns out to not be superwash stuff. Found out lidl was selling it last year and annoyed a lot of folks. Think they paid £3.99 though were as I've only paid £1.I'm going to need a felted pattern or something I can knit that wouldn't mind if it did get felted. Or maybe something that doesn't need washing, I should ask a teenager about that one.
  The good thing is that the sock yarn that lidl is selling at the moment seems to be super wash, thanks to the lovely ladies at British knitters on ravelry for doing a swatch and washing it.

  I'll have a sock post up either tomorrow or Saturday, would do it today but I have to mow the front lawn. I have to mow the back too but I'm afraid I've left that too late. The backs going to need the strimmer, grass is so long out there now it just jambs up the mower. Woe is me.

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