Saturday, 18 September 2010

Double Basket Weave Scarf

Double basket weave scarf.

This has to be one of my favorite knits, and its so easy to do as well. If you can knit and purl you can do this scarf and the results look a lot harder than they really are.
Basket Weave Scarf

 I used the same yarn as the sweater yarn, I'd guesstimate around 70 to 100g but it could of been less, no more than 100g though. I had a big cone and wound it into balls so have no idea on the length or weights. Get 100g of dk and it should be enough. (ETA The pattern calls for, Yarn: Light Worsted 175 yd [160 m]/100 g): Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4" (10 cm) in St st; 28 sts = 4½" (11 .5 cm) wide in double basket patt. with 5mm needles.). I don't think the gauge is all that important but you want it between a skinny scarf and a wide scarf. I did the scarf on 4.5mm needles,it turned out at 4" wide and I knitted close to 6 feet in length.
Double basket weave.
 I did make a small, heh big, mistake while knitting this scarf, scarf was around 4 feet long at this time. I had it folded up while knitting to help keep it out of the way and off the floor and either missed or added a row which turned the patten back to front. I only noticed my mistake when I unfolded the scarf to measure how far I had got and found the last 10 inches facing the wrong way. It was very annoying at first but over all I didn't mind because the pattern is a real pleasure to knit. I ripped out the 10 inches and just reknit them, not something I ever enjoy but it did give me a chance to knit even more of this fun pattern. But it is worth keeping a close eye and count on the rows, guess that goes for all patterns though.

    I really do love the textured look of this pattern. There really is no right side or wrong side but I prefer the side that looks wavy as can be seen in these two pictures. Some folks will prefer the other side but it really doesn't matter as both sides look great.
basket weave scarf
I haven't decided who to give the scarf to yet, I have a couple of ideas including keeping it for myself. I might also knit another one or two as it is really good to knit. I can't say that enough, I really did enjoy knitting this one lots.

 A very simple scarf that looks really really good and will keep you nice and warm this coming cold winter. Give it a go I promise you'll not be disappointed.

Double basket weave scarf
   Happy knitting.
Knitting pattern. Swatch. Double basket weave instructions ( slightly different than the pattern but the same really.)

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