Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Monday

   Hope you all had a good weekend. Its looking like there will be no Indian summer so I guess summers over for this year. Not that we've had much of a summer where I am. 
   I really think this winter is going to be a harsh one, like the winters from a few decades ago. My advice would be to start prepping for winter now, get plenty of salt and cat litter, those two went fast last year. 
   The farm I buy my wheat from is selling hard red winter Canadian wheat, this stuff has more protein in it than the other stuff. Not sure if I've ever had it before but will be getting some to add to my stash. No empty bread shelves for me thank you very much.

   I've bid on a child's loom on ebay, figure its a good cheap way to start to learn how to weave. I'd really like to do the tartan scarf on it but have not idea how hard that will be. Guess I'll find out, think it will be good for making normal scarfs as well, probably much fast than knitting.
  Also bid on another top whorl spindle so I can have more than one project on the go or do some plying while ones in use. If I don't win it I'll buy one off ravelry that some one offered me, thanks for that.

  As you can see in my project gadget thingy in the side bar I've started another ipod sock. This one I'm doing in the cotton I used on the bib  mixed with some of the dodgy gray sock yarn I have. The stitches are better defined and the colours go well together. I should have it finished by tomorrow I think. I will charge the batts. for the camera and catch up with my picture taking.
  Done a bit more on the straps for the backpack, I'm really starting to despise doing them. They should be so simple and quick to do but there taking forever and are so boring. 

   I haven't done anymore on the double basket weave scarf because I'm using the 4mm needles on the new Ipod sock. I'll need to buy some more needles, love my knit picks/ knit pro interchangeable needles, just swap em around in the middle of a project.

  Coming up this week will be the mittens I did for Christmas last year. I want to show some photo's of my work every Saturday so look out for that. 

   I'm going to start the swatches for the "Art of Knitting" magazine blanket soon so there will be weekly posts on those with pictures. There are two blankets to do but a lot of the squares are repeated, still should give me a fair bit to post about though.

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