Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Vets and chores.

   Went to the vets, theres really not a lot that can be done. They took some blood and gave me two types of medication to use if needed. She said  the blood work will probably not show anything, will get the results in a little while. He hasn't had another fit since 1pm Sunday so fingers crossed they have disappeared as quickly and unexpectedly as they came. I ended up sleeping on the couch again last night as he was restless and pacing and I wasn't sure if this was a sign a fit was coming, nothing happened though. I'm starting to miss my bed.

 I've still not done any knitting, spinning or weaving. Not done any chores either which I really need to start catching up on today. My sister gave me a lift to the vets so I let her have a choice in which Ipad sock cosy she wanted, she picked the one with the rope cable, probably because that one is finished and I'm still only half way on the crossed arrows one.

  Hopefully I'll get back to my knitting and spinning today,tomorrow once the chores are looking less like a mountain and will return to regular blogging asap.

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