Saturday, 11 September 2010

Midge mittens

Midge mittens
   These midge mittens are a great beginners in the round project, there is no left and right hand to bother with. 
Moms Christmas mittens
    These were my second in the round project and it was once the wrist ribbing was done and I'd moved on to what was meant to be the stocking stitch part I realised I was knitting wrong. Instead of stocking stitch I was getting purl stitches, it took me awhile and a friends advice to figure out I was knitting off the wrong needle. I think its an easy mistake to make using magic loop and not so much using dpn.

Midge mittens
  I knitted these for my moms Christmas present last year, I can't remember the yarn I used apart from that it was sock yarn. I think it was regia but could be wrong. I probably used 3mm needles using the magic loop method. I find the magic loop so much more easy than knitting with several double point needles. Its also less intimidating to beginners I think.

   As well as learning that I was knitting the wrong way around this was the first time I had to pick up stitches. I didn't practise picking up stitches I just went ahead and did it, its a bad habit of mine to just jump in. You can't really see in the pictures and I only have these 4 images but my results were not great but passable. I've since had plenty of practise picking up stitches doing socks.
Easy, no left, right hand mittens 
     Over all I was happy with the mittens, they fitted well and looked great which is probably more to do with the yarn. There an easy beginners project for in the round knitting compared to socks and will give you a chance to learn to pick up a few stitches. Plus because there is no left hand, right hand mitten also makes them very easy, a big plus for me when I was looking for a easy pair of mittens to knit.

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