Monday, 13 September 2010

New spindle, loom and cables.

  Used my new spindle yesterday with the blue faced top. The spindle is massively different than my old one. Apart from keep dropping it, something I didn't do with my old one. It spins super fast but not for as long. Winding on seems a little tricky as well because of the thinness of the shaft. I think I'll be used to it be the time I've finished the blue faced top.
  The blue faced top is very very soft and a joy to draft. I'm not sure whether its the blue faced or the new spindle, probably both, that's making it very easy to get extremely thin yarn. Extremely thin for me anyways, if it ain't chunky its thin to me.

   Not getting anywhere but frustrated with the loom. I've ordered a beginners instructions and pattern booklet to help me. The internets hasn't been much help, or maybe its just me having a problem getting my head around it. I'll keep at it, should get the booklet this week and we'll see how I get on from there.

   I've been playing around with cables again this weekend, haven't made anything but knitted a couple of swatches. I did this one, crossed arrow cable, then I knitted it the other way, upside down. I made a mess of the moss stitch the first few rows. I'm planning on combining it with the cable ropes I can do for my other sisters ipod sock. I have it pictured in my head but that's it so far, will chart it when I have some time.

  I'm going to do a smaller cabled sock for my tobacco tin, not sure what I will do at the moment but there such quick knits I'm sure I can fit it in somewhere. Its good to have fun too.

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