Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Soup day

I declare today to be soup and hot chocolate day.

   Its blowing a gale outside and is a little drafty inside too. The weather has been awful the last couple of days, winds gusting close to 60mph and lots of rain to boot. A very dark and dank September, a lot like the summer we had really. I love living close to the moors, I find great beauty in the desolate landscape but the wind surely does howl across the land making walking upright difficult at times and riding my bike rather interesting.

   I'm in a two minds sort of mood today, so will probably not get anything done at all, didn't get much done yesterday either. Was thinking of having another go at dyeing with some other food dyes I've bought, not sure I can be bothered though. Definitely can't be bothered with the loom at the moment, hope that booklet arrives soon.

   I will finish the bookmark I've been working on, only a few  rows to do on it and I will spin some more of the bluefaced fleece as well. Think I will upload and sort the pictures I took at the weekend and make a start on Saturdays post. Yes will sort the pictures out and decide what to post on Saturday, me thinks it will be the double basket weave scarf but that could change.

Drink soup and be warm.


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