Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fingerless gloves, wrist warmers.

My very first knitted in the round project.
fingerless gloves, wrist warmers
   I knitted these very soon after I first ever knitted in the round as a Christmas present for one of my sisters. I used the magic loop method, don't remember practising it I just did it with these gloves. At the time I didn't know I was knitting in the round wrong. I was knitting off the wrong needle, wasn't a problem at the time because the wrist warmers were done all in rib stitch. Only realised I was doing it wrong on my next project, mittens done in mainly stocking stitch.(I'll do a post of those soon).
wrist warmers, fingerless gloves
   I used regia sock yarn, approx. 50g, the fingerless gloves do look tiny but stretch to fit amazingly well. I'm not 100% certain now as its been a long time but think I got the pattern from Berroco. Either way there pretty simple to do and make a great beginners project for knitting in the round, much easier than socks.
fingerless wrist gauntlets
    Think these turned out pretty well considering it was my first in the round project and I was knitting off the wrong needle. I did end up with a third one, I forgot about that. The very first one I did was a little larger than the second so I did a third one that more matched the second. Not a bad idea to knit 3 things when doing socks,gloves and mittens especially knitting for babies.
fingerless wrist gauntlets

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