Saturday, 14 August 2010

Almost done.

knitting and spinning updates.

 Decided to have a finale push at the backpack and get it finished. I'm going to use the 25mm buckles I have, am knitting a bit now to hold the bottom buckle. Sort of two triangles with a thin bit in between that's knitted with 2 strands. Will fold over and sew the triangles to the bottom of the bag. Then I need to knit the straps and sew those to the top of the bag and thread the buckles onto the bottom part of the straps. Not sure if I'll do a straight strap or do some increases along the way. Am really flying blind with this whole back pack thing.
  Cracking on with the scarf, made a couple of mistakes but have caught them early and unknit them so its still looking good. Got about 3 feet done so am probably half way.

  Finished my first top but had trouble skeining it, turns out I spin counter clockwise. From all I've read it usually tells you to spin clockwise so am not sure if I'm doing it wrong, have asked on ravelry. Think it will be ok, would need to ply clockwise if I spin counter clockwise other than that I can't see it being a problem.

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