Thursday, 12 August 2010

Knitting and widget update

    Didn't get any knitting done yesterday, was too busy messing around with this silly widget. Its a really simple idea and should be easy to do but I guess you need more than a few hours of self taught javascript. 
    I'll take the buttons off the side after this post and tidy up the drop down menu. I might look around for a better drop down menu if I can be bothered, bit sick of the computer and stupid "Hello world" alert boxes.

Small knitting updates

 The double basket weave scarf is coming along nicely and looks pretty good. I think it might look even better in a thicker yarn. I'm still sewing up the backpack, nearly finished. Just need to sort out the Icord lengths and attach them and sew the hem over. Haven't started on the back straps, not sure if I want to buy small buckles instead of the 25mm ones I got.
  My spinning is slowly improving, getting much better at drawing the roving out but my yarn still isn't one thickness yet. I have plenty of fleece tops to keep practising on and have been looking into buying a full fleece straight off a sheep. It seems the way to go from a prepping point of view, who knows maybe I'll even learn to shear.
  I got a book on dyeing yarn this morning, haven't read it yet but I think that's what I'll be learning next. Its does look fun, probably because its gonna be messy.

    That's all for now, I'll keep playing with the silly widget when I have time, see if I can get it to work but until then I'll keep the needle sizes drop down menu and also the conversion chart page. If anyone can write simple jscripts and would like to help please drop me an email, thanks.

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