Friday, 6 August 2010

Knitting & spinning

Small updates.

  Still struggling with my spinning, to be expected really seeing as its only been a day. Its the drafting part I'm having most trouble with. Its very hands on and you need a feel for it that can only come from experience.

  I got the buckles today for the backpack straps, got the 25mm ones but they look a little big, clunky. I did want the straps at 25mm but might change that now, might have too. Thinking double yarn at 15mm width then increase but with single yarn for the part that goes over the shoulder, so the adjustable part is thinner and the main strap part is wider offering some comfort. Does that make sense?
  Talking of the back back, its still drying. Got it laid out flat between 2 big bath towels that I keep moving around to dry spots so have no idea whats taking so long. I'm sure my cotton bibs dried faster than this.

  The double basket weave scarf I'm doing I messed up big time last night. Think I only messed up one stitch but while looking over the pattern and row I checked the wrong line in the pattern so it looked like I messed up the whole row. Unknit the whole row but have some weird loop thing going on, bit of yarn hanging there covering about 4 stitches. I'm going to unknit another row and see how it is, think if I need too I can undo one more row and I'll be back at a full purl row. Should be manageable from there. Fingers crossed otherwise I'll have to rip out the whole thing.
Think I promised you guys a post on one of my finished projects this week, guess I should do that for tomorrow.

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