Monday, 16 August 2010

BBQ without rain.

BBQ and knitting

   It was lovely and sunny yesterday so I had a bbq, may as well make the most of this poor summer were having. Only had a couple of burgers, I messed the chicken up. The top of the jar of turmeric sort of fell off, tried to save it then just wrapped it in foil and let it cook mainly that way until near the end then let it char grill awhile. The dog seemed to enjoy it.
   Its nice and sunny today too so I may fire up the bbq again, got some rump steak*(top sirloin) in. Not 100% sure I'm going to have the time, oh well and it looks like rain again tomorrow(Tue).

  Having some trouble knitting the straps for the backpack. I'm doing heel stitch and was hoping there would be no curl but its curling. A friend told me about double knit that I'm looking into at the moment, its not exactly like she described but I think it will work great for the straps.
   Having looked into double knit more I don't think its what I'm after. It does look really interesting though for working two colours and making a thick piece. Would work well with hats or pot holders. I'll have to learn it another time, for now I need to figure another way to do the straps. At the moment its looking like moss stitch.

* English butchers its rump steak and sirloin, USA is top sirloin and sirloin.

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