Friday, 13 August 2010

Dyeing primary colours, colors.

    Walking around the supermarket today so I can get some food dyes for dyeing my yarns. For the life of me I couldn't remember my primary colours and was walking around singing red and yellow and green and blue I can sing a rainbow and thinking no no that's not right. *Richard of york??? Finely settled on red being one, just two more to go, blue or green or yellow??? Then it hit me, printer inks, pinky, odd blue and yellow. As you can see I'm not very good with colours, only really like two, black and dull. Is dull a colour??
   Ordered some more of that cheap sock yarn yesterday in white so I can play around with dyeing pretty cheaply, unless I spill some and have to replace the carpet, worktops, walls or ceiling. Ordered two packs of 200g for £2 + postage which worked out at £4 this time, still a very good offer and the yarn is good 75% super wash wool.

    Finished spinning the dark brown top so now need to wind it up and set the twists. Not to sure I can knit with it, its pretty bumpy in places. I'll start spinning either the white top or light brown top next and see if I can get the yarn all one thickness. I think aiming to be thinner will be the way to go. Am still having trouble joining the roves or any snapped off bits, they tend to be too thick.

Have a happy Friday.

*Richard of York gave battle in vain, not really much help with primary colours but good for remembering the rainbow.
  Found a couple more fun ones to teach your kids.

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