Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bookmarks & Birthdays.

    Well I didn't forget my sisters birthdays, there both next month. I only found out once I had started one of the bookmarks, the easy cable one. This is my first time doing cables and I can say this one is very easy. I didn't do a test run I just jumped in and started knitting the bookmark. 

  I'm knitting the bookmark in the cotton I used for the bib with 3mm needles(see side menu or top menu for needle conversions). Its knitting up really quickly but I think its too wide for a bookmark, more my fault really. I'm not sure of the weight of the cotton yarn and I'm using bigger needles than the pattern calls for. 

  I might keep this one for myself and knit two other types seeing as I think its too wide and I have plenty of time. Well not really plenty of time, its next month in a couple of days.

*Posted Sunday, scheduled to appear on Monday as I'm going to be busy today and might not be able to get to the computer till late.

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