Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Darn backpack

    Getting really hacked off with this backpack now. What should of been a quick project seems to have dragged on and on. I'm doing the straps in garter stitch but slipping every other stitch over an even amount of stitches per row so on the next row I knit a slip stitch and slip a knit stitch. The results are a bit padded and are not stretchy but have a tiny amount of give. Plus its much quicker to knit so I can get this darn thing finished quicker.

  Got my white sock yarn today but will wait until I have the time to play with dyeing otherwise I'll end up ringing in sick, "hello, I can't come in today. I'm blue". 

   I really need a couple of pans, glass bowls to set the dyes in. Its not so important with food dyes but using other types seems much more deadly than I realised. Heck it ain't real fun unless its messy and deadly.

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