Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top whorl drop spindle spinning

The beginning

   I got my drop spindle today with instructions. Got a book on hand spinning a few days ago so have been reading up on it and today before I started I watched a couple of videos. I have to say its a heck of a lot harder than it looks.  
  I know starting anything is hard but every part of this seems tricky. Having trouble drafting the yarn, think I my be a heavy handed klutz. Sitting on the draft/yarn while spinning is a good way to snap it, heh. Sort of spinning ok as long as I think and pay attention, not always easy for me. Do have to pay attention more, its like a black hole and will suck up the other end of the draft.
  Getting a lot of kinks in the yarn and the end result is kinda hairy. Oh well its a start and I'm sure I'll get better in a few days, weeks, months or maybe a year or two.

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