Friday, 27 August 2010

It ain't cheap

    I remember my mom knitting aran sweaters and she was a wizz with the sewing machine doing wedding dresses and alterations. We grew up poor, were no longer poor nowadays but she no longer knits or sews. I think she hates too, not sure if it reminds her of the poor days or whether she always hated it but was forced to do it to make some cash and to save some money. Now that I'm knitting myself I'm not so sure about the saving cash part.

 Knitting is an expensive hobby. A pair of socks using good yarn Will cost me just under £5. Add in the 20 hours it takes me to knit them and it ain't cheap. Taking up spinning doesn't make it cheaper, tops and roving's can cost the same as wound balls or skeins.Dyeing doesn't make it cheaper either, undyed yarn costs the same as dyed yarn. Plus you have to pay for the dyes to dye with. The only way to really save cash is to start with a raw fleece, wash and card it into spinable amounts, dye it yourself then knit with it. A raw fleece can be had for as little as £1 and should get you at least 600g of yarn. Its a lot of work though. 

  I don't knit to save cash I knit because its a real pleasure to do so and as a doomer its also very handy to have the skills for when tshtf. The reason knitting seems expensive is what we produce can be bought ready made up extremely cheaply. Machines and slave labor with our throw away attitudes I don't think can last too much longer in this current climate. Well I can see more slave labor in our futures, you and me unless we plan for the future. Get out of debt, get out of the cities, get grub and get skills. Its a hard rain a-gonna fall.

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