Saturday, 21 August 2010

Scarfs back on track

Sort of...

    The scarf is sort of back on track, I seem to have lost my rhythm with it now though.I keep making silly counting mistakes and knitting one or two extra stitches before I catch them and unknit em. Not sure whats going on with it and I'm not sure where I made the original mistake. I think I might of even made the mistake halfway along a row and then ended up repeating that row.
   The reason I didn't spot the mistake earlier is because the scarfs over four feet long and I had it folded up to make it easier to work with. You could only see it when I unraveled it all to measure how far along I was.

    I've just unwound two 50g balls of the white sock yarn ready to soak in water and vinegar over night ready to dye tomorrow. I have an old metal thingie... errr I forget what there called now. Its got 3 arms that expand and spin around and you wrap the yarn around. Makes skeins. I need to plan it out better next time though. I did put the ball in a plastic bag with a hole for the yarn to go through but it still seemed to snag a lot and collect more hairs than the dog has on its back.

    No posts tomorrow as usual, unless Israel bombs Iran some time today. I'll be playing with dyes tomorrow, I'll let you all know what interesting colours I stain myself with for the next 3 months.
    Have a happy knitty, spinney, dyeie weekend.

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