Saturday, 7 August 2010

Zig Zag Scarf

A very easy scarf.
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   This is a very simple scarf I did as one of my first Christmas presents. I did two, one in a different yarn but can't find the pictures anywhere. The yarn used in the pictures is.... I have no idea. My sister was clearing out an office and found a big box of yarns and gave it to me. Most of the yarns aren't great and not many have no bands on them either. The yarn could be a boucle yarn type, not 100% sure and is probably acrylic.

  The zig zag scarf is a great project for beginners and produces an interesting result. It is done all in garter stitch with the only hard ish part being increases and decreases and this is a good project to learn and work on those.

   I got the free pattern from free zigzag scarf pattern but made it slightly wider. Basically cast on a odd number of stitches, say about 15 and on odd rows 1 to 11 you want to increase at the beginning of the row and decrease at the end of the row. On all even rows 2 to 12 you just knit. Row 13 is a knit row as well then just repeat the 13 row pattern.

A very simple interesting looking scarf that's great for new knitters.

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 Hope you all have a great knitty weekend.

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