Thursday, 19 August 2010

Spinning and knitting

Knitting and spinning

     Been doing a fair bit of spinning the last few days, clockwise too. I only spend about 10 to 15 minutes at a time doing any. Still training the muscles memory. Finding spinning clockwise is much more stable, the spindle doesn't go flying around as much and there for doesn't try and eat my drafted yarn. Still need to watch where I'm sitting or put my feet as that's what causes me to snap the draft most of the time, though my heavy handiness has snapped the draft while I'm drawing out the fibers too.
   Still finding drawing out the hardest part though I'm now getting a more consistent width of yarn but it could be much thinner. I need to be brave and see how far I can push it to snapping point. 

Breaking stuff is the only way to learn how not to break stuff.

     The double basket weave scarf is coming along nicely and is a real pleasure to knit. Once its finished I might make everyone one for Christmas. Alas the backpack isn't as much fun, though it once was. Still on the straps, I had done one strap to about 4 inches then decided to do the other strap at the same time so did that last night(eta on the same needle). It will make my increases much easier to do in the right places.

    Not sure I've mentioned this but I've already decided on my next project and its another darn bag. This time I want a bag to hold my pegs(clothespins). Haven't looked for any patterns yet but have a good idea of what I want, just not sure on how to add the hanger thingy. I do have plenty of the cotton yarn I used in the bib pattern

Really I should be thinking of Christmas presents, I know its months away but I'm not a fast knitter.

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