Monday, 9 August 2010

Bottling beer and determining the strength.

   Not a big post today as I'm bottling my beer. Its really simple to do but always takes me a couple of hours. Had a quick taste test and its seems pretty good at this stage, does get better with age. Will bottle about 20+ pints and put the rest in a pressure barrel. 4.5% isn't my strongest but is a little stronger than I normally brew, prefer to drink for taste not to see if I can split my head open.

There are 2 calculations to determine the strength as long as you have a hydrometer.

ABV= OG - FG / .00738

Original gravity minus final gravity divided by .00738

  • O.G 1.036 -
  • F.G 1.003
  •  =  4.5 % (once rounded up/down)
  • OG - FG * 131
  • .036 - .003 = .04 x 131 = 4.5
using the wiki numbers, it would be multiplied by 135 instead of 131.

Using 135 instead of 131 I think takes into account the priming sugars.

    Will be back tomorrow posting about knitting again, I'm also playing with the layout of the blog and stuff . It may appear broken at times but don't worry I've not fallen into the bucket of homebrew.

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