Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Coffee break

and I've not even started yet

I've earned this coffee break, you know how I hate shopping. Didn't maim anyone today, look they'll heal so its not classed as maiming. Even that shin compound fracture will heal ok. I did apologise about that, felt bad after I'd run over her with the trolley for the 6th time. Just kidding. Honest.
  I'll get started in a bit, going to unwind a ball using the back of the chair. Using the swift was a pain last time. I think its best to leave that for helping turn skeins into balls. I got some *red, blue and yellow liquid dyes*, I did look at the icing pastes but don't know about those, they all contained glucose. Guess I could try one in my home brew, a nice green beer for halloween maybe.
  Got a bottle of distilled/white vinegar, do have more in the house but thought I'd get one more for my prepping. Someone mentioned using lemon juice instead because of the smell which seems a good idea to me, even wearing gloves I couldn't get rid of the vinegar smell last time. Made my biscuits taste funny. Not sure if I could use the fake lemon stuff, jiff??? I could also use the invisible lemonade kool aid stuff, I think that serves the same purpose to add acid.
  Got some little plastic pots with lids, I know the food dyes are safe but would really like to keep all the dyeing stuff separate. Will be much safer for when I get around to using the acid dyes and more nasty stuff. Don't want to accidentally kill myself, contrary to popular opinion it would be a bad idea.

Colours are 

  • blue = spirulina.
  • red = anthocyanis, paprika extract, emulsifier(polysorbate 80).
  • yellow =ploysorbate 80, curcumrin.

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