Friday, 20 August 2010

Bloody scarfs and supermarkets...

    Still haven't looked at the scarf, will do so after this much needed cup of coffee and smoke. I hate food shopping. Well I hate any sort of shopping really. I'm not a crowd person and can react rather violently with my supermarket trolley. If you ever see a mad man rushing down the aisle with steam coming out of his ears, blood dripping entrails hanging from the front of the trolley and the wheels leaving a trail of gore across the floor, don't be afraid to say Hi.

   I'll get back to the scarf some time this afternoon, didn't want to have a crack at it last night because I wasn't in the mood. Sometimes its best to walk away from problems until a later time. Preferably when you've calmed down some.

  The hose pipe/garden pipe ban has been lifted in these parts, not that folks need to use a hosepipe with all this rain. Unfortunately the canal hasn't been refilled and theres no mention of when it will be refilled. Not sure what to do about my holidays, might just rent a small boat/barge at the end of the season or might save my cash.

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