Saturday, 28 August 2010

Long Weekend Fun

   Well its started out with wind and rain. It does look like the sun is trying to break through, just needs to push those ominous black clouds out of the way. I got my Yarn maker magazine this morning, haven't had time to read it yet but had a quick flick through with my morning coffee and it looks good. I'll tell you more once I've read it.

  Had a look around on the net for cabled bookmarks and there doesn't really seem to be all that many. Only one bookmark that looks simple enough for me to attempt. My friend who encourages me told me to design my own, think its a bit much since I've never cabled before. I did find a couple of nice none cabled ones I could do. I might do the simple cabled one and another one, might include a quick poll on which one. I only have so many sisters and can't knit them all.

   My spinning is coming along slowly. I started the light grey* top but don't really like it, it feels a bit rough and the yarn looks fairly hairy. Its giving me the chance to concentrate more on how I wind the yarn onto the spindle though, getting a nice bump in the middle. I was planning on plying the sweater yarn this weekend but only have one spindle so will need to buy another one next week.

  My scarf is almost done, haven't touched it for two days though, Wanted to do an hour on it last night but had irc problems I had to address that took way longer than I had thought. Silly computers. I might finish it this weekend or at least do a little bit more on it. Going to miss this one once its done, even with the 10" mistake I had to rip out its been a real pleasure to knit.

   Last but not least, I haven't mentioned the backpack in awhile. I've pretty much finished the body of it, I knitted the sides up and attached the Icords. I need to sew the buckles to the bottom and finish the straps. The straps are turning into a nightmare. Easy to do but oh so boring. I also need to sew a button on, I had looked at buttons awhile back but totally forgot about them.

  So that's read yarn maker, do a bit of knitting on the straps and sew the bottom buckles. Maybe a bit of knitting for the scarf, or maybe even finish it off. Got to find and start two bookmarks, well at least start one. If anyone knows of a simple cabled bookmark let me know in comments or email. No dyeing this weekend but I will be doing some spinning, I want to get this grey* top out of the way so I can start on the white** one which feels really soft.

What are your long weekend plans???

* I think the light grey is Suffolk
**Bluefaced Leicester

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