Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I need adult supervision.

     I put the dyed yarn into separate plastic bags to stop any colours running between skeins and for the steam to work. Didn't think I heated them up enough last time and that's maybe why the dye didn't set. This time I made sure I heated them enough, errr I mean too much. The plastic bags have melted into the yarn, I guess that's one way to set the colours, going to need a hammer and a 6 inch nail to knit with though.

  Next time I'm using kool aid and the stove top. I do have a bowl of the mustard yarn in the microwave at the moment with some red dye that I'm trying the immersion method. Keeping an eye on it so I don't burn the house down or something. Got the thermometer out and keeping it around 180. Not sure its working but will keep at it.

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