Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cotton Bib

A cotton baby bib with a heart. 

Cotton baby heart bib

   This is a bib I did for my niece awhile back. Unfortunately it was too small for her by the time I got around to knitting it. It is good for dolls and little babies though.   
      I found this pretty easy to do though you can see my mistake at the left shoulder/neck line, little bit of ribbing instead of moss stitch, oopsie. I call it my signature or my own part of the design. Mistakes add character to your work, heh.
Heart Bib

 Here you see the opposite side with the ribbing mistake on the right shoulder. Looking at these two pictures I forget which side is the right side and wrong side. Think it works both sides but the second picture is the right side?? 

I got the pattern from PDF. Its the short row version, which I did. The sort rows make a much tidier bottom edging.

  The pattern comes from an amazing site down cloverlaine with some really wonderful bibs and washcloths. Its well worth a look around. I will be trying my hand at a few more.

Icords on heart bib

   Here's a picture showing the Icords for fastening the bib. I'll do an instructional post soon on Icords along with my knitted lamp wicks posts. Need some undyed cotton firsts.

Heart Bib
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 Thanks for looking, go to the site and have a look around there and give one of the bibs or washcloths ago, there not hard and the results are fun.


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