Wednesday, 25 August 2010

No dyeing today

Well after Tuesdays disaster even the calendar says WTF.
  The immerision method I was trying in the microwave hasn't worked, think this is to do with the red and the ph. It seems a lot of reds can be tricky to get right, red #3 no idea what it is though. I'm going to get a few packets of kool aid and try those, there well tried and tested and there lots of advice out there too. 

  I will also get some of the acid dyes. There are starter kits on ebay that include sock yarn so you can dye and knit your own socks, I'll just get the dyes though, still have plenty of the white sock yarn.

  I was thinking of plying the yellow/mustard sock yarn with my light brownish spun yarn. Would also like to ply my red left over sweater yarn to make a hat with. Wish I knew about plying befor I did the back pack, I knitted it with two strands of yarn and  think it would of been easier to ply the two though I've never plyed/plied(?) befor so don't yet know how hard it is. This will soon be corrected.

   I've bid on some multi coloured tops for spinning on ebay. 500g in all but you can't pick which colours though they will include at least one white top. There pretty cheap and will be good for practising with.

 Going to post about my very first knitted socks tomorrow, well the couple of baby socks I did and the ones I eventually managed to do for myself.

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