Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cable Bookmark

Cable bookmark
    This is my first attempt at cables. I did this bookmark from here . Lesley was kind enough to contact me and congratulate me on finally getting around to cables. There a lot easier then they look and now I'm hooked.
cable bookmark

This bookmark hasn't been blocked yet, still not blocked and it was a couple of months ago when I knitted it. 
  I first wrote about this book mark back in August. But didn't get around to taking pictures until now.

cable bookmark

 Cables are pretty simple to do and this one is very easy and makes a great starting point.
  I used the same cotton as I used on the baby bib. I've used this cotton on loads of little projects and have a fair bit left, half a cone and one unopened cone. I love this yarn and it was free too.

  I'm pretty impressed with my first cable work, it does look better pulled out(ie blocked). I will get around to blocking it and take more pictures for you folks.
Cabled Bookmark
    Have a great weekend and stay warm folks, hit minus 5c here last night. Brrrrr

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