Friday, 19 November 2010

Back on track

   A'ha I got it, in the end. The scarf has been giving me a great deal of trouble trying to figure out where I was after I frogged back. The scarf doesn't really have a wrong side or right side but does have a beginning so really does have a right side. Problem was it wasn't matching up and I couldn't figure out why. D'oh, its the pocket scarf and I made a turn with the pattern for the pocket so it would match the scarf. So with the added row to make the turn the pattern has been turned around, glad I finally remembered that.
  The other problem that threw me off for alittle while was that I assumed, I know, that the mistake was at the end of the pattern around the full purl row but it was around the knit row which is half way through the pattern.

  So I'm back on track with the pocket scarf and more good news is I finished the second Christmas ply, measured it out on the chair and its approx. 145 yards. Mainly double knit with some lace weight I think where as the first one was more like aran, double knit and sock weight. I still need to set it in hot water, not sure whether to skein it or make it into balls at this stage.

  I'll get a little bit of knitting done tonight on the scarf and will get back to spinning again tomorrow, oh ya and I'll do a picture post too.

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