Tuesday, 9 November 2010

First Christmas Yarn Plyed.

   I plyed all the bfl that I had spun, well have a little oatmeal left over. I'll try and fit a little more on the kick spindle bobbins next time, today. I got over 100 yards, 107 but call it 105 for shrinkage. It only took me two to three hours to ply it all, its lot easier if theres no tangles. The tupperware boxes worked great. I think I'll have the second lot done by the weekend, then I'll do another lot and maybe a forth. Figure 300 to 400 yards is enough, should be enough for a scarf or mittens.

  I even managed to fit in some knitting and did another 4 inches on the scarf, this will be definitely finished by the weekend then I can start another one. Beginning to think about a different pattern for the pocket scarf, maybe a reverse cable or even a simple moss/seed stitch one. Can't make up my mind and no idea why I've changed my mind.

  Well I'll let you folks get on, I've got more spinning to do. Have a good day.

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