Monday, 8 November 2010

Productive Weekend

   Well the good weather didn't last long, had gales last night with gusts over 60 mph. And rain, lots and lots of rain. Temps are starting to fall off too, though isn't so bad I've had the heating on yet.

  Had a good weekend spinning, filled two bobbins on the kick spindle with the white bfl and almost filled the small drop spindle with the oatmeal bfl. I'm thinking around 60 to 70 yards on each bobbin and maybe around 100 yards on the drop spindle. I could be way way off there though so don't quote me. I'll start to ply what I have today so that I can get the rest spun up.

  Did ok with my knitting too but not as much as I had planned, think at the moment the spinning is more important because the scarfs not far off finished. I've done just over 4 feet of the scarf so can slow down a little and do more spinning. Hopefully the plying will go much quicker this time as long as I don't mess up and tangle everything. A very real risk.

  I took photo's, a fair amount of pictures. Kick spindle, my plyed yarn and some pictures of the Iphone socks I've been knitting. I also took a couple of pictures of my weaving. There not on the computer yet but that should be done by the weekend so that I can get some pictures up for the Saturday posts.

  Hope you all had a great weekend and the rest of the week is dry and warm for you. 

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