Monday, 22 November 2010

Tangled Uniform

    Not a fun Sunday, or Monday looking at the tangled mess I still have to sort out. I wanted to wind the Christmas yarn into a ball so put the skein on my winder thingy, problem one was it didn't fit over the 3 arms. I had it over two arms and then started to wind it onto my ball winder thingy. It was then that it exploded. I spent the best part of the day yesterday trying to sort the mess out, at the moment I'm working both ends, one onto the winder and the other end I'm wrapping around the chair. Its kind of relaxing and maddening at the same time.

    I did get some spinning done on Saturday, I did a little bit of the white bfl on my kick spindle and more of the oatmeal bfl on my drop spindle. I also got a bit of knitting done on the scarf, I've caught up and passed the frogged part so am back on track there. Hopefully I'll get this tangled mess wound up today so I can get more spinning and knitting done.

    I did manage to bottle my bitter on Sunday though so all is not lost and I also got my crock pot/slow cooker too so that I can start dyeing again. I want to try my hand at using natural dyes like onions, tea and coffee.

  Just ordered another book, this one on weaving. I'll let you know what its like, it looks like it will have the basic information I need. I haven't used my loom in ages, will have to correct that soon. If I have the time.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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