Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs, scarfs...

   I've knitted about a foot of the double basket weave scarf , I think I can easily do 6" a day and hopefully a bit more so the two week deadline shouldn't be a problem. I ordered 200g of oatmeal bfl and 100g of white bfl last night so while knitting a lot I still need to spin a lot too. I think if I get it all done before the end of November it shouldn't be a problem.

  On top of doing the scarf and spinning I also need to knit two more scarfs, I'm thinking of doing another double basket weave scarf in the light grey I just bought but this one will be the one with pockets. I need to get some nice red yarn for the flame scarf I want to do, think this one will be for my mom for Christmas. 

   The first double basket weave scarf I did I think I'll give to my sister who has just moved down South. That just leaves the tartan scarf I want to do for my last sister. That's a lot of scarfs and knitting to get done, figure about 6 feet for each scarf, I'm just glad there not plain knit scarfs or I'd go mad with boredom.

   Just got back from the vets with more meds for the dog, a months worth this time. I can keep getting the same script for 6 months then we need to see the vet for tests and to decide on what to do next. The meds work out at around £15 a month so not so bad, not sure how much the tests will cost but think they will be a regular thing if he stays on these meds.

   Back to knitting and spinning for me, have a good day folks.

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