Tuesday, 23 November 2010


   Well I got the ball untangled and wound up, finally. Makes me wonder how I'm going to do the other one, I think once its dry I'll put it back around the chair and wind on from there into a ball. Glad I didn't keep it as a skein, wouldn't of been a nice present if the person had to wind it into a ball to knit with and it exploded into a birds nest. I'll wind up the one I'm spinning at the moment with much greater care when I take it off the spindle.

  I didn't get any spinning done yesterday due to the fact I spent over two hours trying to sort the birds nest out but did manage to do some knitting on the pocket scarf. Its pretty much flying along really, got 3 feet done so am probably half way. I still need to sort the measurements out, think around 5 feet plus the folds for the pockets so just under six feet.

   I'm definitely going to get some spinning done today, I really should get the next ball finished by the weekend though I'm not sure that is possible. The other skein is still wet from when I set it the other day. I did wrap it in a towel to get as much water out as possible but it seems to be taking forever to dry. Then I have to pray and turn it into a ball, hope it goes much easier than the last one.

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