Friday, 5 November 2010

Started Christmas Spinning.

    Started spinning the new oatmeal bfl and its spinning fine, doesn't smell odd either. Kinda confirms the last lot of oatmeal I had was a bit dodgy. 
    I do wish I could guesstimate how many yards I've spun though, guess that comes with experience. The last lot on the kick spindle bobbin was roughly 60 yrds, think this time it might be a bit more but not sure. I'd like an idea on how many yards I have before I start to ply but winding it around the back of the chair and then winding it around the tupperware box runs more of a risk of birds nests. The less you play with it the less chance of it going haywire.

   The scarf is coming along nicely, I've got 30 inches done already and for a slow knitter that's very good. Hopefully it will be a slow weekend and I can get a couple more feet done, I reckon it will be finished by Wednesday. Famous last words!!! Think I need to throw myself into spinning too so I can get this parcel together at the same time.

  I should be getting a slow cooker/crockpot in a day or two for free so that I can start dyeing again. Can't beat free stuff. I can carry on using the one I already have for food, crockpots are great this time of year for soups and stews. I use mine mainly for making stock with chicken carcases. Add noodles, yummy. I'm hungry now.

  Got the camera charged but haven't taken any pictures yet, the light sucks big time at the moment. I'm not sure I'll have the spinning pictures I said I would have for tomorrow. I'll probably post the baby sock pictures or find something else I have. Its nice to have surprises.

 Have a great day and a fun filled Guy Fawkes night.

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