Tuesday, 16 November 2010

ewww Dogs.

  Postman woke me up this morning delivering some yarn and my new mouse. Its an optical trackball type, I'm still getting used to it as it seems super sensitive at the moment. I should read the manual and see what adjustments can be made. Very expensive for a mouse but I can't stand the normal ones and my old trackball did out last two computers, 11 years.

  So pretty early in the morning I'm up and open the back door for the dog and notices he's thrown up in the kitchen and there appears to be a dead round worm in it, ewwww breakfast time it ain't. As a care assistant I've cleaned up a lot of nasty stuff but I'm no good first thing in the morning, gag very easy. Just been the shop and got him some dewormer stuff so he should be cleared up pretty soon.I'll also look on the net in a bit for natural stuff seeing as he's already on medication, maybe I can stink em out with some garlic or something.

  I didn't get any spinning done yesterday but the pocket scarf is coming along nicely. The yarn I got this morning is the same stuff but in white I'm going to use for the second pocket scarf. I'll get the oatmeal spun up today and ply tomorrow, well that's the plan.

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